About Me

Throughout my adult life I've always struggled with my weight. Over time, I tried many diet pills and other "quick fix" methods...but the one thing that really stuck was when I started exercising at home on a regular basis. While living in Dallas, I joined the local 24 Hour Fitness and was pretty good about getting to the gym. Being single at the time, it was a good way to get out and meet people. Plus I literally lived 2 minutes away from the gym. But then I moved to Plano, (a suburb of Dallas) and the gym was no longer convienent, plus I also began dating my future husband who didn't have a gym membership.

After a few months, he approached me about ordering a workout program he had seen an infomercial for called "Power 90." We both ordered a copy that very night...this was in March 2002. Once we got our programs we made the commitment to stick with it...and we did. He ended up losing over 40 lbs and I lost many inches and a few pounds...I was already close to my ideal weight. We submitted our stories and ended up winning a trip to Hawaii from Beachbody... we're the first two on the list (Jason N and Tami H.) http://www.beachbody.com/product/success_stories/2002/2002_hawaii_trip.do
It was an amazing trip and I've been a loyal Beachbody customer ever since. After getting married and having 2 kids, I got back into doing my workouts at home and lost all my baby weight and have more muscle tone than I did when I did P90 in 2002. I own and have tried almost all of the Beachbody workouts - I would have to say that Tony Horton is my favorite trainer having done complete rounds Power 90, Power 90 Master Series and P90X to lose my baby weight. I still think that working out at home is the best thing for me but continue to keep my $54 a year membership to 24 Hour Fitness because someday I just might end up living in a town that has one where I can escape to and workout if I wanted to. So even if you enjoy going to the gym (but don't make it there 5-6 days a week), home workouts can complement the workouts you do at the gym.

In 2007, Beachbody began offering the coaching opportunity. I had just had baby #2 so I waited until last year to actually become a coach. Having been a stay at home mom since 2005, I was glad to finally find something where I could work from home and do something that I truly believed in. Beachbody offers a real solution...and one that won't break the bank.